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(Gunboat Tournament)

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Posted:Jan 23, 2014 at 9:25 am
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The eternal city itself is lost but could have been worse. E keeps the lead while G pulls into a tie for 2nd. http://www.diplomaticcorp.com/game_page.php?game_id=dc472
F Ausonian Sea - Punic Sea (*Bounce*)
A Etruria - Ravenna (*Bounce*)
A Lusitania Supports F Saguntum
A Massilia, no move received
F Roma - Neapolis (*Disbanded*)
F Saguntum Hold
F Adriatic Sea - Ravenna (*Bounce*)
F Baleares Supports A Mauretania - Saguntum
F Gulf of Tacape - Ausonian Sea (*Fails*)
A Leptis Supports A Cyrene
F Ligurian Sea Supports F Tyrrhenean Sea - Roma
A Mauretania - Saguntum (*Fails*)
F Sardinia - Punic Sea (*Bounce*)
A Sicilia - Neapolis (*Bounce*)
F Tyrrhenean Sea - Roma
F Antioch Hold
A Damascus Supports F Antioch (*Cut*)
F Aegean Sea Supports A Miletus
F Black Sea - Byzantium
A Epirus - Dalmatia
F Ionian Sea - Messenian Sea
F Messenian Sea - Libyan Sea
A Miletus Hold
A Sarmatia - Vindobona
A Arabia - Damascus (*Fails*)
F Cilician Strait Convoys A Jerusalem - Cappadocia
F Crete Supports F Aegean Sea
A Cyrene Supports A Leptis
A Jerusalem - Cappadocia
F Minoan Sea Supports F Crete
F Sidon - Antioch (*Fails*)
F Syrian Sea Convoys A Jerusalem - Cappadocia
F Tyre - Jerusalem
Rome:      Supp  4 Unit  5 Remove  1
Carthage:  Supp  9 Unit  9 Build  0
Persia:    Supp  2 Unit  2 Build  0
Greece:    Supp  9 Unit  7 Build  2
Egypt:     Supp 10 Unit  9 Build  1

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