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Posted:Nov 03, 2014 at 3:33 am
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it's a really exciting and well-constructed variant. I just can't accept having to cc you on every mail, and having you comment on the number of mails I send and read. If you remove that part of your playtesting, I will gladly play in this one.

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1648 is a nine-player Diplomacy variant set in Europe following the Peace of Westphalia.

1648's rules are based upon those of Ambition & Empire, a variant designed by Jeff Kase and Baron Powell. As its most striking departure from Standard Diplomacy, the latter first featured armed neutrals whose actions players may secretly influence by bidding Diplomacy Points (DPs).

This simple rule creates a whole new layer of decision-making and opens up many intriguing possibilities.

For further details, see 1648's dipwiki entry:


I think it's fair to say that playtester have been very enthusiastic about the game. The rate of repeat-customers is high. Some have said that 1648's their favourite way of playing Diplomacy on a European map. Or any map, for that matter.

Give it a try. Chances are you'll find it a memorable experience.

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