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Posted:Jan 28, 2016 at 5:33 pm
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I shall be running a tournament featuring my 1648 (v5.Cool variant and thought you might be interested. 1648 is a nine-player Diplomacy variant I've been working on for the last twelve years. It is set in Europe following the Peace of Westphalia. It's not a pure map variant as it features armed neutrals (i.e. minor powers) that may be influenced by the players.


for any further information.

Now how will the tournament be structured?
- The first round will consist of at least two boards. (Perhaps more depending on how many sign up.) Players may then qualify for the second stage of the tournament, the finals game.
- Players not interested in the tournament aspect and merely wish to play one game are entirely welcome.
- The games will run on the typical 5-2-5-2 days schedule.
- I shall run one of the first round games, the other planned one will be in the hands of Mark Utterback. As tournament director I shall be running the finals game.
- I shall determine in which of the two games you'd be playing. This way the players' power preferences will work out better. I further aim to minimise the players' familiarity with another by using this approach.
- This is an email contest. I ask the players to CC me on their diplomatic correspondence for playtest evaluation purposes.
- The first round games will at most run for 12 game years.

Right now we have 11 confirmed players signed up. Seven more to go...

We are looking for communicative and reliable players. So drop me a note if you wish to participate (and sign up in the openings section). We would love to have you on board.

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