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(Gunboat Tournament)

Subject:< DC542 SH GUNBOAT F08 GAME OVER >
Topic:< Gunboat Tournament >
Category:< Active Games >
Posted:Mar 14, 2016 at 9:54 am
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No solo in this 1 like the 1st 2 that have ended but S again. N should wrap up a win in DC543 later today. Hamish-S Darren-W Tim-E Bryan-N Finale will be a normal game as winner of 1st exposed name on DC board. 99.9% chance only I notice such things but.. 1 winner likely not to play a non-gb finale so will fit someone else in. Bryan a possibility if interested. Thx to all for playing. http://www.diplomaticcorp.com/game_page.php?game_id=dc542
F Sea Of Waves - Prometheus' Cliff (*Bounce*)
F Aphrodite's Beach - Sea Of Waves (*Fails*)North:
A Echo's Glade - Amazon Village (*Bounce*)
A Morpheus' Palace Hold
F Gulf Of Chains - Prometheus' Cliff (*Bounce*)
F Narcissus' Reflection HoldSouth:
F Eastern Ocean - Amazon Village (*Bounce*)
F Cupid's Cloud Hold
A Nestor's Kingdom Hold
F Sea of Tears Supports F Tartarus - Sea Of Fire
F Tartarus - Sea Of Fire (*Bounce*)West:
F Isle Of Lesbos Supports F Convent of the Vestal Virgins - Sea Of Fire
F Convent of the Vestal Virgins - Sea Of Fire (*Bounce*)
F Lover's Lane - Poseidon's Curse

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DC542 SH GUNBOAT F08 GAME OVER (vegas_iwish) Mar 14, 09:54 am

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