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(Gunboat Tournament)

Subject:< DC556 S1872 ANY PORT IN A STORM >
Topic:< Gunboat Tournament >
Category:< Active Games >
Posted:Nov 22, 2016 at 6:11 pm
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Only 1 ret for R - PORT ARTHUR. Maybe we'd have an epic siege like 1904-5 ...if this was a wargame Wink Happy T-day! Next wed. 

F Cebu Hold
F Ceylon Hold
A Delhi - Nepal
F Gulf of Aden - Red Sea
F Hong Kong Supports F Luzon Strait - South China Sea (*Disbanded*)
A Hyderabad Hold
F Karachi Hold
A Lucknow Supports A Delhi - Nepal
F Luzon Strait - South China Sea (*Fails*)
F Sudan - Egypt (*Bounce*)China:
A Assam Supports A Bengal
A Canton Supports A Tongking - Hong Kong
A Chungking - Sinkiang
A Kashmir - Punjab
A Manchuria Supports A Kyoto - Seoul
A Mongolia - Irkutsk (*Fails*)
A Peking Supports A Manchuria
F Shanghai - Yellow Sea (*Bounce*)
A Sinkiang - Urumchi
A Tibet Supports A Kashmir - PunjabFrance:
F Annam Supports F South China Sea
A Bengal Hold
F Cochin - Gulf of Siam
F Malaya - Andaman Sea
A Mandalay - Upper Burma
A Rangoon - Bangkok
F South China Sea Convoys A Tongking - Hong Kong
A Tongking - Hong KongJapan:
F Fusan Supports A Kyoto - Seoul
A Kyoto - Seoul
F Kyushu - Yellow Sea (*Bounce*)
F Manila Supports F Cebu
A Otaru - Sakhalin
F Sea of Japan Convoys A Kyoto - Seoul
F Tokyo - Upper Pacific
F Vladivostok Supports A Kyoto - Seoul (*Cut*)Turkey:
A Armenia - Baku (*Fails*)
F Constantinople - Rumania (*Bounce*)
F Shiraz Supports F Karachi - Persia (*Void*)
A Syria - Egypt (*Bounce*)Holland:
F Borneo - Sarawak
F Celebes Sea - Sulu Sea
A Davao - Cebu (*Fails*)
F East Indian Ocean - West Indian Ocean
F Lower Pacific Supports A Davao - Cebu
F Singapore - Java Sea
F Sumatra - East Indian OceanRussia:
A Afghanistan - Persia
A Baku Supports A Persia - Tabriz (*Cut*)
A Irkutsk - Vladivostok (*Fails*)
F Odessa - Rumania (*Bounce*)
A Persia - Tabriz
A Seoul Supports A Irkutsk - Vladivostok (*Dislodged*)ONLY RET PA
F Yellow Sea - Sea of Japan (*Fails*)

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