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(Gunboat Standard)

Subject:< DC436 Fall 11 results with Maps. press and End-of-Game proposals >
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Posted:Jan 25, 2013 at 4:46 pm
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There was at least one vote no. We proceed with the game.

Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.... I am back from my 3-day, 1700 mile road trip. Now I can get back to letting you play this game!

France will be losing Belgium this year, taking him down 1 supply center, but was able to dislodge Germany in the English Channel. Germany attempted to work on gaining more from France, but mainly supported his own units in Scandinavia. The "Great Bear" of Russia once again made his best shot at taking Moscow. However Italy and Turkey did the most fighting of Moscow with Italy holding it securely. The other big scuffle between Italy and Turkey was over Rumania. Italy was successful in dislodging Turkey and gaining his 14th supply center.

Germany was dislodged from the English Channel, with the Irish Sea or disbanding as the only two options.

Germany, I need a retreat order from you by Wednesday 1-9-13 at 8:30 pm MST (03:30 10-01-13 GMT) - If you mark your orders as "final" and send them early, I will process the retreat early as well.

I have had several end-of-game proposals this week, after the previous one failed = i) Italy solo; ii) F/G/I three-way tie; and iii) DIAS

Since I have three proposals, I need three votes from each remaining (eligible) player. If any eligible player??votes NO to a proposal, the proposal does not pass
and the game continues. If all eligible players vote YES on any one proposal, then the game
is over immediately. This (obviously) is a secret vote and is to be
submitted with
(or before) your Spring 12 orders.

i) Italy Solo. Please vote YES to approve the SOLO,
and vote NO to reject the SOLO.

ii) France, Germany, Italy three-way tie. Please vote YES to approve the 3-way tie,
and vote NO to reject the 3-way tie.

iii) DIAS - all remaining players (France, Germany, Italy, Russia and
Turkey) share a draw. Please vote YES to approve the DIAS,
and vote NO to reject the DIAS.

Movement results for Fall of 1911.

France: A Burgundy Hold.France: F Gulf of Lyon Hold.France: F London Supports F North Sea - English Channel.

France: F North Sea - English Channel.France: F Norwegian Sea - North Atlantic Ocean.France: A Picardy - Brest (*Bounce*).France: A Wales Hold.France: F Western Mediterranean - Mid-Atlantic Ocean.

France: A Yorkshire Hold.
Germany: A Belgium Supports A Munich - Burgundy (*Void*).Germany: F English Channel - Brest (*Dislodged*).Germany: A Holland Supports A Belgium.

Germany: F Kiel - Denmark.Germany: F Norway Hold.Germany: A Sweden Supports F Norway.
Italy: F Aegean Sea Supports A Bulgaria - Constantinople (*Cut*).Italy: A Bulgaria - Constantinople (*Fails*).

Italy: F Eastern Mediterranean - Smyrna (*Fails*).Italy: A Galicia Supports A Serbia - Rumania.Italy: A Greece - Bulgaria (*Bounce*).Italy: F Ionian Sea - Tunis.Italy: A Moscow Hold.

Italy: A Munich Hold.Italy: A Serbia - Rumania.Italy: A Trieste - Budapest.Italy: F Tunis - North Africa.Italy: F Tyrrhenian Sea Supports F Ionian Sea - Tunis.Italy: A Warsaw Supports A Moscow.

Russia: A St Petersburg - Moscow (*Fails*).
Turkey: F Constantinople - Bulgaria(sc) (*Bounce*).Turkey: A Rumania Supports F Constantinople - Bulgaria(sc) (*Disbanded*).

Turkey: A Sevastopol Supports A Ukraine - Moscow.Turkey: F Smyrna - Aegean Sea (*Fails*).Turkey: A Ukraine - Moscow (*Fails*).
The following units were dislodged:

German F English Channel can retreat to Irish Sea.
Unit locations:
France: ?? ??A Burgundy, F English Channel, F Gulf of Lyon, F London, F Mid-Atlantic Ocean, F North Atlantic Ocean, A Picardy, A Wales, A Yorkshire.

Germany: ?? A Belgium, F Denmark, A Holland, F Norway, A Sweden.Italy: ?? ?? F Aegean Sea, A Budapest, A Bulgaria, F Eastern Mediterranean, A Galicia, A Greece, A Moscow, A Munich, F North Africa, A Rumania, F Tunis, F Tyrrhenian Sea, A Warsaw.

Russia: ?? ??A St Petersburg.Turkey: ?? ??F Constantinople, A Sevastopol, F Smyrna, A Ukraine.
Ownership of supply centers:

France: ?? ??Belgium, Brest, Edinburgh, Liverpool, London, Marseilles, Paris, Portugal, Spain.Germany: ?? Berlin, Denmark, Holland, Kiel, Norway, Sweden.Italy: ?? ?? Budapest, Bulgaria, Greece, Moscow, Munich, Naples, Rome, Serbia, Trieste, Tunis, Venice, Vienna, Warsaw.

Russia: ?? ??St Petersburg.Turkey: ?? ??Ankara, Constantinople, Rumania, Sevastopol, Smyrna.
Austria: ?? ??0 Supply centers, ??0 Units:

England: ?? ??0 Supply centers, ??0 UnitsConfused?
France: ?? ?? 9 Supply centers, ??9 Units:
Germany: ?? ??6 Supply centers, ??5 UnitsConfused?
Italy: ?? ?? 13 Supply centers, 13 Units:

Russia: ?? ?? 1 Supply center, ?? 1 Unit:
Turkey: ?? ?? 5 Supply centers, ??4 Units:

The next phase of DC436 will be Retreats for Fall of 1911.

For Immediate Release:

France - Russia: Thanks for the offer old bean, but I don't think it was the real Germany that replied to me in
such a 'stupid' way, as you put it. I hope you can hang on for a survival in this game.
Yes it was I, the Tsar (yes the real one) that voted no to the DIAS! You
see I have cleverly been growing Russian cells in each of your lands
(insert evil laugh here) and they are just waiting for my signal to rise
up and crush you all. (clears throat) Sadly it seems that I have
misplaced the paper that I wrote the signal on and I can't remember it.
But when I find it you will all be in big trouble....really big trouble.
I mean it!
France - Germany: Whether you want to keep taking SCs or not, unless
you and I call a truce Italy will solo - end of story. I'm willing to
call a truce and redeploy my forces against Italy as best I can, are


---Just Keep Swimming

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