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Posted:Jan 25, 2013 at 5:00 pm
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Once again, I have had several end-of-game proposals this week, ??i) Italy solo; ii) F/G/I three-way draw; iii)F/G/I/T four-way draw and iv) DIAS

Since I have four proposals, I need four votes from each remaining (eligible) player. If??any eligible player??votes
NO to a proposal, the proposal does not pass and the game continues. If
all eligible players vote YES on any one proposal, then the game is
over immediately. This (obviously) is a secret??vote and is to be submitted with??(or before)??your Fall 13 orders.

i) Italy Solo. Please vote YES to approve the SOLO, and vote NO to reject the SOLO.

ii) France, Germany, Italy three-way draw. Please vote YES to approve the 3-way tie, and vote NO to reject the 3-way tie.

France, Germany, Italy, Turkey four-way draw. Please vote YES to approve the 3-way tie, and vote NO to reject the 3-way tie.

iv) DIAS - all remaining players (France, Germany, Italy, Russia and Turkey)
share a draw. Please vote YES to approve the DIAS, and vote NO to
reject the DIAS.

Since I have added end-of-game proposals later than I would have liked, I have moved the deadline until tomorrow.

Fall 1913 orders are due on Wednesday, January 23 at 8:30 pm MST (03:30 24-1-13 GMT)

For Immediate Release...
Italy to Russia

Sorry if you feel ignored. I wish you had voted yes, because Germany may choose to eliminate you. if you want my support let me know but you must hold.

Dear Turkey, so you said you???d cede centres, was that just a cunning ruse to try and get off the hook, well done it worked, looks like you will have one rogue unit causing chaos. - Italy

Dear all, when the game ends I will be interested to know who has been turning down these draws. Perhaps Germany should just eliminate stp and then vote in favour of the three way i/f/g/t which I am now, for the umpteenth time, (with the addition of turkey after his clever move) proposing! By the way I have never once proposed an Italian solo. I have proposed the three-way because I believe we are most deserving of the honours. I do not deserve a solo as I could not through diplomacy prolong the stalemate long enough. Turkey deserves the draw as he has defended so well, even if he does end up on simply one unit, I can never get the remaining centres due to stalemate lines and good play by f/g. ??

Best wishes


--Just Keep Swimming

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