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Subject:< DC436 13 - end of game proposal & press >
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Posted:Jan 25, 2013 at 4:57 pm
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Hello Everyone...
We have a second end-of-game proposal that needs a vote. In addition to the F/G/I draw, we now have an Italy solo (concession).??

By the Spring 13 deadline, I need to have votes from each remaining (eligible) player. If??any eligible player??votes NO to a proposal, the proposal does not pass and the game continues. If all eligible players vote YES on either proposal, then the game is over immediately. This (obviously) is a secret??vote and is to be submitted with??(or before)??your Spring 13 orders.??

i) Italy Solo (concession). Please vote YES to approve the SOLO, and vote NO to reject the SOLO.

ii) France, Germany, Italy three-way draw. Please vote YES to approve the 3-way draw, and vote NO to reject the 3-way draw.

Spring 13 orders, with EOG votes are due on Saturday 1-19-13 at 8:30 pm MST (20-1-13 03:30 GMT)

For Immediate Release...

Turkey: I have been proposing and voting yes to a number of draws. ??I have voted yes to every proposal regardless of what it was. ??If a 3-way??doesn't??pass I will cede my centers to Italy immediately instead of fighting and delaying their capture.


---Just Keep Swimming

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