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(Gunboat Standard)

Subject:< DC436 Summer 12 results with map, press and End-of-Game proposals >
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Posted:Jan 25, 2013 at 4:55 pm
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Once again, I have had several end-of-game proposals this week, ??i) Italy solo; ii) F/G/I three-way tie; and iii) DIAS

Since I have three proposals, I need three votes from each remaining (eligible) player. If??any eligible player??votes NO to a proposal, the proposal does not pass and the game continues. If all eligible players vote YES on any one proposal, then the game is over immediately. This (obviously) is a secret??vote and is to be submitted with??(or before)??your Fall 12 orders.

i) Italy Solo. Please vote YES to approve the SOLO, and vote NO to reject the SOLO.

ii) France, Germany, Italy three-way tie. Please vote YES to approve the 3-way tie, and vote NO to reject the 3-way tie.

iii) DIAS - all remaining players (France, Germany, Italy, Russia and Turkey) share a draw. Please vote YES to approve the DIAS, and vote NO to reject the DIAS.

Fall 12 Orders and EOG votes are due on Wednesday, January 16 at 8:30 PM MST (03:30 17-1-13 GMT)

Retreat orders for Spring of 1912.??
Italy: A Munich - Bohemia.Turkey: disband F Smyrna.

Unit locations:
France: ?? ??A Burgundy, F English Channel, F Gulf of Lyon, F London, F Mid-Atlantic Ocean, A Picardy, F Spain(sc), A Yorkshire.

Germany: ?? F Baltic Sea, A Belgium, A Berlin, A Denmark, A Munich, F Norway, A Ruhr.Italy: ?? ?? F Aegean Sea, A Bohemia, A Bulgaria, A Galicia, A Moscow, F North Africa, A Rumania, A Serbia, A Silesia, F Smyrna, A Tyrolia, F Tyrrhenian Sea, A Warsaw, F Western Mediterranean.

Russia: ?? ??A St Petersburg.Turkey: ?? ??F Black Sea, A Sevastopol, A Ukraine.
The next phase of DC436 will be Movement for Fall of 1912.

For Immediate Release...

Italy to all

I have repeated a three way draw proposal. I am not sure who scuppered the last one. It might well have been Turkey but this is unwise as he is heading for elimination unless the draw passes soon so I doubt it is him. I cannot get a solo at all, so it certainly is not me, therefore I would hazard it was France who vetoed it now he has Germany???s back turned. If it does not pass soon Germany should expect a stab in about two years??? time when any threat of a solo from me has faded. Vote yes to a three way!

Germany to Russia. ??As you can see by my moves, St. Petersburg is not threatened. ??Norway will support it if need be.

---Just Keep Swimming

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