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(Gunboat Standard)

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Posted:Jan 25, 2013 at 5:03 pm
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Hi everyone,

Thanks to you all for playing, and thanks to Craig for doing a brilliant job as GM.

This was the first game of Gunboat I've ever played, and I really enjoyed it. I'd certainly be up for more Gunboat in the future, and I'll be happy to GM a game of fog-of-war Gunboat just as soon as I've got time to do that. Stay tuned to the DC site.

So, onto the game. I decided to make England my first target since he put a fleet into ENG for no apparent reason early on in the game, and decided to leave it there. Seems trivial maybe? Well, I had to attack someone, Germany had given me a break in not attacking Mar when it was wide open, and Italy's attention was eastwards, so I let that sleeping dog lie.

I have to say though - Isaac put up a really good fight as England. Indeed, my major regret in this game was in taking so long to put
England to the sword, it fatally distracted my attention from Germany and it also denied him what I think should have been a well-earned survival. Apologies, Isaac. Better luck next time.

Germany got too large for comfort (10 SCs at one point, I think) and so I decided to move with Italy in cutting him back down to size. Unfortunately, Italy decided to turn neutral after securing Mun. Although this was possibly the best short-term tactic for Italy to use, playing Germany and I off against one another, had he continued attacking Germany then I think that there could have been a two-way showdown between Italy and me in the end-game, giving either him or me the chance to try for a solo.

As it was, it became clear to me that my chances of a solo had gone, and so I determined to try my best to secure a place in the draw. The right result prevailed in the end, I think.

Thanks again to you guys for making it a really exciting and
enjoyable game. I haven't enjoyed a game of Diplomacy as much as this one for a while.


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DC436 France EOG (cbconnell) Jan 25, 05:03 pm

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