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Subject:< TROOP MOBILIZATION BUILDS & RETREATS for WT/2007! Spring 2008 now due! >
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Posted:Nov 10, 2014 at 1:18 pm
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    Next deadline is for Spring 2008 is Thursday NOV 13/2014 at 1800MT.======================================================================TROOP MOBILIZATION BUILDS & RETREATS WT/2007:    Australia        : Build; A cai, Retreats F pap - LIS  France           : Remove; F COSIndonesia        : Build; F jay, F sor, F timJapan            : Remove; A kau                 : DANGER! Japan has No Home
Centers Left!,                 : DANGER! Japan MILITARY MORALE VERY LOW!Marshall_Islands : Remove; A mmi, A kwa,                 : DANGER! Marshall_Islands MILITARY MORALE VERY LOW!Usoa             : DANGER! Usoa MILITARY MORALE VERY LOW!Zealand          : Build; F chc            ======================================================================Oceania DC508\WINTER/2006 Press!=================================================================  
 GM: Except for Zealand the great powers are getting greater and small powers smaller! In the fall the Western Pacific was almost unoccupied, now one lone Australian Army faces 4 Indonesian Fleets!    France advances towards the Australian front line. Indonesia surrounds Marshall_Islands homeland which is abandoned by M. Japan may hold on for a time with final two units.    Year of the Fleets, Zealand becomes an all Fleet power! Indonesia builds three fleets, Marshall_Islands keeps her fleet.        Australia is losing the great power race for a solo, will this result in a great power clash in 2008?=================================================================        Winter
Proposals: Defeated!                I/F draw: no,no,no,yes,no,yes,no        2/5                A/M/N/J/U draw: no,yes,no,yes,no,no,no  2/5                DIAS : yes,no,no,yes,no,yes,no          3/5=================================================================Oceania DC508\Winter/2007 Player Press! =================================================================        1Cool New Zealand to France: I will not attack you further now that I have my home center, and I'll help you hold a line.        17) New Zealand to Australia: I'm not sure what your
intentions are moving your fleet to WNZ. I might have waived my build, but now I will build in Christchurch to defend, just in case.  I won't attack you, and won't help France against you, but I may help France hold against you.  You might want to think about Indonesia's potential for winning now.        16) Marshall Islands - All (and especially one-issue-party France): Yeah, let's stop Australia, he will win this game hands down if we don't pile on top of him. Oh and Indonesia, congrats on your victory!        15) Marshall Islands - All: I really enjoyed all the Marshall-prose. The only one that came from me was number 5.        14) Indonesia to Australia: You should have a look on NZ. If he changes to France there is much resistance against our 2-way-draw. I would build F Bri.  
     13) To Australia:  Building army in bri, right?  Perth is the start.    12) France to NZ : taking back kei isn't very helpful to the cause but I can understand it and will not try to defend it , as it was yours. From now on please help in stopping Australia.        11.  USA to Marshall: As the ruler of Indonesia did not answer - probably he does not feel the need to communicate with such a minor power as the United States - and your new proposition is in agreement with the rules, I shall order as you suggested, i. e. A maj S M A kir - smi.        10. Marshalls to USA.USA.USA: The message before wasn`t from me. Can you support Kir-Smi.        9.Marshalls to USA.USA.USA: There are a lot people talking as
Marshalls.        Cool USA to Indonesia: I suggest mutual support F smi S U A maj xxx, A maj S I F smi xxx. Please note that maj and smi belong to different island chains. I also request your order F NAS - kir to cut possible support.    7) USA to Marshall: The author of press no. 4 does not know the rules of the game. A kwa - smi is not possible. The rules state clearly that 'armies can move _directly_ from one island chain to another'. kwa and smi, however, do not belong to different island chains.        6) USA: I think the best way is I support you into Smi.        5) Marshall Islands applauds the writer of press no 4.        4) Marshalls to USA.USA.USA: Can you support Kwa-Smi        3) Why is Indonesia wasting time going to wmi and pmo?  It was time for the stab!  Don't wish to even TRY for the WIN?        2) France to NZ: Please join me in the attempt to stop Australia, no use in attacking me and let Australia win.        1) Nobody has ever won this variant but Japan.  Looks like our current fearless leaders want a draw and keep Japan's record intact.=======================================================================================================================================RULES AND DEADLINE    --------------------------------------------------------------------------    Deadlines    Will be every Thursday (spring/summer) and Sunday (fall/winter) at 1800MT Calgary time.    Winter Builds/Removals will be stretched to no later than Tuesday if necessary.        Next deadline is for Spring 2008 is Thursday NOV 13/2014 at 1800MT.    --------------------------------------------------------------------------    Adjudication    Players Use Anticipated retreats and builds!  They may be placed in brackets after orders;-        ssi-coi    Fall/Winter Builds will be made as encountered
in list;        [BUILD: F coi,F cai, A bri]    ======================================================================FALL TROOP MOVEMENT      Australia        : [A fij-pho],[F EFS-fij],[F SCO-EFS],F NTS-WNZ                   A van S F EFS-fij,A sci S F stu,A ntu S F stu                   F stu H ,[F pap H ],{F pap: Dislodged}France           : F ava-COS,F NSP-pap,[A sfi-fij],[F TON-EFS]             
     A tog S A sfi-fij,A mar S F NSP-papIndonesia        : A wmi-wci,F WIS-EAM,F VOS-WIS,F SMS-NOM                   A nmi S F wak,A mau S F wak,F NAS S F smi                   A emi S F smi,F pmo H ,F wak H ,F smi H                    {Illegal Movement: F pmo - SMS}Japan            : A hon S A mid,A kau S A mid                   [A mid S A kwa-wak]                  {Action Error: A mid S A kwa - wak}Marshall_Islands : A
kir-pho,[A mmi-wak],F KIS S A kir-pho                   A kwa S A mmi-wakUsoa             : [A maj S A kir-smi],F chr H                  {Action Error: A maj S A kir - smi}Zealand          : F cha-SWP,F ENZ S F kei,F kei H        --------------------------------------------------------------------------    SUPPLY CENTER STATUS    WT\2007          |# SC|  [HOME SUPPLY CENTER] (BUILD CENTER)  =================================================================Australia        |(10)|[AUST,cai,bri,coi],fij,hob,nou,per,sci                        ssi,stuFrance           |( 5)|[FRAN,ava,pap,pit],mar,togIndonesia        |(14)|[INDO,jay,sor,tim][JAPA,man,ryu                        nsh](smi),dav,eci,mau,pmo,sam,wak,wciJapan            |( 2)|,hon,midMarshall_Islands |( 2)|[MARS,kwa],phoUsoa             |( 2)|[USOA,chr](maj)Zealand    
     |( 4)|[ZEAL,chc,wel,kei],chaNeutral          |( 0)|=================================================================Total =           ( 39)        --------------------------------------------------------------------------    TROOP STATUS    WT\2007          |BUILDS| UNITS|  =================================================================Australia        | (   ) ( 10) |A cai, F EFS, A fij, F LIS, A ntu         
                      A sci, F SCO, F stu, A van, F WNZFrance           | (   ) (  5) |A mar, F pap, A sfi, A tog, F TONIndonesia        | (   ) ( 14) |F EAM, A emi, F jay, A mau, F NAS                                A nmi, F NOM, F pmo, F smi, F sor                                F tim, F wak, A wci, F WISJapan            | (   ) (  2) |A hon, A midMarshall_Islands | (   ) (  2) |F KIS, A phoUsoa          
  | (   ) (  2) |F chr, A majZealand          | (   ) (  4) |F chc, F ENZ, F kei, F SWPMadman           | (   ) (  0) |=================================================================Total              (   ) ( 39)    

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TROOP MOBILIZATION BUILDS & RETREATS for WT/2007! Spring 2008 now due! (hapolley) Nov 10, 01:18 pm

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