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Posted:Mar 16, 2016 at 8:31 am
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Just looking over stats, this is your first solo!  So extra congrats are in order.
And Michael thanks for running the games... much appreciated!
Mikael and Isaac!  Wow.

Dan, not a surprise.  Well played.  Congrats.
We had the draw.  I don't get why you guys didn't play for it.  LOV S FIR-Ves and it was done.  Really LOV S SOT, when North was 1 dot from the win, and I pulled off Had?  Or SCH-SOW and LOV-SOA would have worked too.  Pretty much anything but Holding for Dan to take the last dot.
A quick EOG...
Mikael, Mikael, Mikael.  I don't understand your play this game!  In a 4-player game the person diagonally across from you is your natural ally.  I gave you a key cut in the first year so you could invade the circular island (note MB's comments on how important that is)... and you not only didn't take the help which would have strengthened you -- instead you chose to attack me -- then see North take your upper dot -- then attack me again, and not relent until you were finally able to take Aph, even tho North took your other dot too!!!  I have absolutely no clue what was driving this as all I did was help you in the first turn, then attack North who was attacking you in hopes of saving you.  Had you gone for Nes in that first year, you would have gotten a build, South would have gotten one less, and North wouldn't have gotten to Ama -- his advance would have stopped, and both other players would have been way behind and you'd have had the Circle Island all to yourself as a solid power base.  Then you just laid down and let him roll over you.  I could not survive being attacked by both other powers alone, So I had to retract and try to consolidate in the southwest corner and hope to hold on, maybe push for a draw, which we really should have had.
Hope to hear your EOG Mikael as to why you kept attacking your natural ally despite losing dot after dot to North.
Anyways well played Dan -- a well deserved solo to notch in your bed post.  Good luck in round 2

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Mike - W Mikael - E Isaac - S Dan - N Bccd the other games as all are now done. Last turn saw some tardiness then I had to go to the Hooters Hotel Casino earlier than I thought yesterday. 3 Ss & 1 N winner. Easts universally had a tough time with Ws little better. 543 saw the pressure W must put on S but N managed to be the 1 who took advantage. A couple Ss were a little passive but lack of W pressure & E not controlling right-most isle still were decisive. DC Mgmt (some on here as players) can put Ojax; Chris; & Dan up as latest soloists. The latter 3 & Bryan of 545 are invited into a regular (non-gb) finale as Ojax can't. Congrats & thanks to all! Games all marked as completed tho can never mark down folks in a solo as 'survivors' w/o hearing the game's designer (met him at conventions/meetings back east) yell at me: "No such thing!" http://www.diplomaticcorp.com/game_page.php?game_id=dc543 Hopefully will find sufficient additional sanity to handle the 25 Ancient Med entails soon. Colonial single game or a chaos still possible.
F Scholars Channel Hold
F Aphrodite's Beach Hold (*Dislodged*) DISBANDED FOR CLEANSING
A Serina's Village HoldNorth:
A Echo's Glade Hold
F Gulf Of Chains - Sea Of Arrows
F Narcissus' Reflection Supports F Sea Of Waves
F Sea Of Waves Supports F Sea Of Arrows - Aphrodite's Beach
F Amazon Village - Scholars Channel (*Fails*)
F Sea Of Arrows - Aphrodite's Beach
F Isle Of Lesbos Supports F Gulf Of Chains - Sea Of Arrows
A Convent of the Vestal Virgins HoldSouth:
F Lover's Lane Supports F Sea of Tears
F Sea of Tears Supports F Lover's LaneWest:
F Sea Of Fire - Convent of the Vestal Virgins (*Fails*)
F Cupid's Cloud - Sea Of Arrows (*Fails*)
F Persephone's Garden - Sea Of Fire (*Fails*)
Adjustments:East:      Supp  2 Unit  2 Build  0
North:     Supp  9 Unit  8 Build  1
South:     Supp  2 Unit  2 Build  0
West:      Supp  3 Unit  3 Build  0

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