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Posted:Nov 02, 2016 at 6:08 pm
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China must watch the abbrevs. Know you have an issue but each turn has had a completely unknown 1 which will start to be penalized. Downloading RP still best tho will send you a map copy again. Thurs 1159GMT

F Arabian Sea - Karachi
A Hyderabad Hold
A Lucknow - Bengal
F Red Sea - Egypt
F Singapore - Java Sea (*Bounce*)
F South China Sea - Sulu SeaChina:
A Kashgar Hold
A Langchow - Chungking
A Manchuria - Mongolia
A Nanchang - Canton
A Yunnan - AssamFrance:
A Cambodia - Bangkok
F Gulf of Siam - Malaya
A Mandalay - Upper BurmaJapan:
A Kyoto Hold
F Kyushu - Yellow Sea
F Sakhalin Hold
F Upper Pacific - FormosaTurkey:
A Angora - Armenia
F Constantinople - Rumania (*Bounce*)
F Persian Gulf - PersiaHolland:
A Sarawak Hold
F Sumatra - Java Sea (*Bounce*)
F Timor Sea - New GuineaRussia:
A Akmolinsk - Tashkent
A Moscow - Baku
F Odessa - Rumania (*Bounce*)
F Port Arthur - Seoul(wc)
A Seoul - Fusan
Adjustments:Britain:   Supp  9 Unit  6 Build  3
China:     Supp  9 Unit  5 Build  4
France:    Supp  6 Unit  3 Build  3
Japan:     Supp  6 Unit  4 Build  2
Turkey:    Supp  4 Unit  3 Build  1
Holland:   Supp  5 Unit  3 Build  2
Russia:    Supp  8 Unit  5 Build  3

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