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Posted:May 24, 2016 at 10:04 am
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Hits 10. Too bad finale couldn't have been gb but the 1 winner who did not continue (who loves gb) made a mistake in a mail acknowledging the other players in his game that ended up hitting the DC board. I can be 99.99999% sure only I would have noticed but that is < 100 %. Have both played & run games where South did not win. East HAS to get on the nearest isle asap. HAS to. Until West is sure that is happening West has to be enormously careful about sniping at North as that is a double-breakout for S as we saw here. West tends to do well in this game but, other than Mike S at the start of his, did not do so in any of these 5. Will have to put out the effort to do 25 with Ancient Med in the future unless can find more experienced Sail Ho! folk. Dan won as North which is why he got South here as everyone got a new toy as it should be. Congrats. Ok to to reply to all on this 1 & let comments go up on DC board via the gunboat mail. MIKE SIMS: I do leave the other 3 as survivors, right? Not used to that so never sure...

F Glittering Gulf - Prometheus' CliffNorth:
A Morpheus' Palace Hold
F Gulf Of Chains Supports F Glittering Gulf - Prometheus' Cliff
A Salmonius' Scheme Supports F Glittering Gulf - Prometheus' CliffSouth:
F Scholars Channel Convoys A Nestor's Kingdom - Cupid's Cloud
F Aphrodite's Beach - Sea Of Waves
F Sea Of Fire - Tartarus
F Convent of the Vestal Virgins - Sea Of Arrows
F Lover's Lane Supports A Nestor's Kingdom - Cupid's Cloud
A Nestor's Kingdom - Cupid's Cloud
F Poseidon's Curse - Gabrielle's Village
F Persephone's Garden Supports F Sea Of Fire - TartarusWest:
F Prometheus' Cliff, no move received (*Disbanded*)
F Isle Of Lesbos, no move received
F Cupid's Cloud, no move received (*Disbanded*)
F Tartarus, no move received (*Disbanded*)
Adjustments:East:      Supp  2 Unit  1 Build  1
North:     Supp  3 Unit  3 Build  0
South:     Supp 10 Unit  8 Build  2
West:      Supp  1 Unit  1 Build  0

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